IMG ComponentRepair

Component Repair

Jet AirWerks, LLC possesses the technical expertise to process a wide variety of jet engine parts and components using authorized OEM inspection and repair criteria. We are continually growing our FAA-approved Capabilities Lists driven by the needs of our customers. Parts not on our list but fit our technical capabilities can be added while your part is in work.

IMG AviationMaterial

Aviation Material

Jet AirParts, LLC keeps or manages a large inventory of CFM56, CF6 and CF34 jet engine material. Coupled with Jet AirWerks, situated at the same campus, Jet AirParts can provide parts at a lower cost and quicker delivery time than most of the industry, all with a fresh tag and unparalleled trace documentation.

IMG Consignments


The Jet AirWerks, LLC and Jet AirParts, LLC partnership allows us to hold consignment material for overhaul until it’s sold, reducing the risk, investment and warehousing requirements for consignors.